Replacing your vehicle's air filter regularly can have a significant impact on your vehicle's engine life and performance in addition to keeping your cabins air cleaner. Huggard and Ewing proudly serves Stoughton, MA and surrounding areas and can check/replace your vehicle's air filter to be help ensure proper air flow.

What air filters do: Air Filters main function is to Prevents harmful debris, dirt and contaminants from entering your engine. The majority of cars have 2 different types of air filters. The inner combustion air filtration system filters the air pulled into the engine and prevents additional wear on the engine. The second is cabin air filters. These operate to cleanse the air that moves into the cabin via the ventilation system by getting rid of harmful elements from the cooling and heating systems.

Get Engine Air Filter Replacement in Stoughton, MA

Why air filter replacement service is necessary: Gunk and debris can easily damage engine parts, affect the vehicles performance, and restrict air circulation in the cabin. A dirty air filter can create multiple issues such as fuel economy, efficiency, emissions, and sometimes can lead to additional engine repair works. Dirty or worn cabin air filters could negatively affect AC efficiency and could also pose a prospective health danger for the driver and all of the vehicles passengers.

Warning signs your Air Filter needs to be changed:

  • Loss of engine power or fuel economy

  • Emissions issues

  • Odd, damp, or musty smells when the vent is on

Huggard and Ewing offers Car Air Filter Replacement for Stoughton, MA

It's suggested the cabin air filter be changed every 12,000 miles. Cars driven in harsh roadway conditions, dirty roads, off-roading, road construction, or icy roadways treated with ice salt, require the air filters to be changed even more frequently.

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