At Huggard and Ewing, we take safety very serious. Your cars brakes are by far one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. We make it our mission to ensure our customers are confident when applying their brakes.

Simple tips to pro long brake life:
  • Try to reduce braking at high speeds
  • Maintain adequate brake fluid levels at all times
  • Refrain from driving with your parking brake on
  • Do not apply brake while accelerating
The following are some things to look for of failing brakes. If you experience one or more of these it may be time to schedule an appointment with one of our techs at Huggard and Ewing in Stoughton, MA.
  • Grinding or scraping sound when not applying brakes
  • Vibration or shaking of the vehicle when you apply the breaks.
  • Using more pressure than normal when applying the brakes
  • a "soft pedal"
  • A high pitch noise when applying the brakes
Huggard and Ewing recommends having your brakes checked at minimum once a year. 

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