The transmission is by far one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Keeping the Transmission adequately filled with fluid is crucial to its life and performance.

What transmission fluid does: Transmission fluid coats and protects the gears in the transmission of your vehicle. Its primary function is to protect against too much wearing of the gears. This is why it is imperative and highly recommended that a transmission fluid flush be completed every 30,000 miles.

Why transmission service is important: Transmission fluid loses effectiveness gradually. Changing your transmission fluid at routine periods at Huggard and Ewing in Stoughton  MA, may help lengthen the life of the transmission and keep it performing optimally.

How to know if its time to schedule an appointment at Huggard and Ewing:

  • Your automobile won't move

  • Difficulty shifting gears

  • Transmission is slipping

  • Transmission sounds abnormally loud

  • Leaking transmission fluid

  • Grinding sounds when the car is shifting gears

  • Issues with the clutch

  • Check Engine light is on

During a transmission flush:

  • We inspect the transmission pan for particles

  • We switch out the fluid and transmission filter

  • Check for signs of wear, damages, or rust

Areas we service: Stoughton MA| Brockton MA| Easton MA| Randolph MA| Canton MA| Sharon Ma

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